Notes for Scantable vs. Measurement Set Discussion

scantable issues

  • most serious
    • polarization type - global: only one type per scantable - not real problem...
    • currently scantable assume some globals (NIF, etc) - but scantable intrinsically can handle...
    • difference in spw - IF: can be put in aux. table in MS? (SPECTRAL WINDOW table have 'freq group')
  • others
    • scanno renumbering - (mostly) reader issue
    • antenna dish diameter info gets lost - reader issue
    • POINTING sub-table truncation
    • weather info- reader issue
    • the issues presented can be resolved by exntend current scantable data format
    • data size?- even we copy some missing meta data, scantable probably be much smaller in size

To keep scantable

  • direct MS->scantable filler + scantable -> MS filler (~3+1mon.) - Tekeshi
  • adding more meta-data in scantable
  • Malte and Takeshi will work on a new scantable format proposal (include more meta data)
  • plotter issue?
    • if we stay on scantable, we can still write out to MS to use plotms
    • still need to add SD specific functionality
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