Notes for the Friday late afternoon discussions (Requirements,planning)

ALMA requirements

  • No or partial support
    • OTF partly supported
    • flagging (interactive)
    • docs (reference manual) - work in progress
    • auto-identify ref by nearest position + (time)
    • coadd/averaging with weights - ASAP can store Tsys in spectrum, not used yet
    • amplitude calibration info from TelCal?
    • Fourier analysis of standing wave - lagflag is available (need to import explicitly)
    • Zeeman splititng ???
    • projection (OTF req. ok in imaging)
    • sideband separation/leakage
  • Someone needs to update SD summit wiki to reflect current status
  • some development items
    • implement toggle between rest freq.
    • implement get Tsys, setTsys
    • OTF: Lissajous scan handlng? may need a separate special function


  • Tests of the use of the FLAGROW column by Wataru
    • still need testing with average (either make MaskedArray? with FLAGROW or preselect the data in terms of FLAGROW


  • Malte will join the CASA Skype-con ~ once a month (or as-needed basis)

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