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Developer Documentation


The main developer documentation is now based on Sphinx and is part of the code tree. See source:trunk/doc/. To build it first build asap. After that go into the doc directory and type

make html

This will create the html structure in doc/_build/html Alternative targets are also available (e.g. tex)

Coding Guidelines

  • please follow PEP8 (style guide) when using python
  • python tests shall use nose for test running.
  • all new python classes/modules need a complimentary (nose-based) test in source:trunk/test e.g.

python/ -> test/ See existing ones for example.

  • after making changes and before checking in, please run

nosetests test/test_*.py

  • follow the c++ style of the surrounding code
  • add doxygen documentation to header files
  • use casa::CountedPtr wherever raw pointers are used

subversion guidelines

  • every bug fix is committed to trunk then merged into branches
  • create a dev branch for major changes e.g. Scantable schema
  • add a useful commit message preferably referring to a trac ticket
  • use subversion >= 1.5 fro merging to preserve history


Scantable Schema Update Proposal