I get strange errors after upgrading asap

Try removing ~/.asap. If you are using move it to a safe place first, then copy it into the new ~/.asap directory.

My saved files (asap format) won't work with asap-3 anymore

It is recommended if possible to re-reduce your data from original (rpf). If that is not possible asap provides a program called asap2to3 which can be run to convert these. If you are doing polarimetry however, you will need to re-reduce.

How do I run asap scripts without the asap command-line interface?


#!/usr/bin/env python
from asap import *

the top of you script and make it executable.

I would like to manipulate the plotter output [Advanced]

You can use any matplotlib/pylab plotting capability by accessing, the figure object.

fig = plotter._plotter.figure

Then follow the documentation on matplotlib, e.g. to display the y-axis in log scale:


I get errors referring to out-of-date tables

You have to have to be connected to the internet them run


or (as root user)

sudo asap_update_data

to fetch the latest version of leap second tables.

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