ASAP commands

AT the prompt type


Here is the output

    [The scan container]
        scantable           - a container for integrations/scans
                              (can open asap/rpfits/sdfits and ms files)
            copy            - returns a copy of a scan
            get_scan        - gets a specific scan out of a scantable
                              (by name or number)
            drop_scan       - drops a specific scan out of a scantable
                              (by number)
            set_selection   - set a new subselection of the data
            get_selection   - get the current selection object
            summary         - print info about the scantable contents
            stats           - get specified statistic of the spectra in
                              the scantable
            stddev          - get the standard deviation of the spectra
                              in the scantable
            get_tsys        - get the TSys
            get_time        - get the timestamps of the integrations
            get_inttime     - get the integration time
            get_sourcename  - get the source names of the scans
            get_azimuth     - get the azimuth of the scans
            get_elevation   - get the elevation of the scans
            get_parangle    - get the parallactic angle of the scans
            get_coordinate  - get the spectral coordinate for the given row,
                              which can be used for coordinate conversions
            get_weather     - get the weather condition parameters
            get_unit        - get the current unit
            set_unit        - set the abcissa unit to be used from this
                              point on
            get_abcissa     - get the abcissa values and name for a given
                              row (time)
            get_column_names - get the names of the columns in the scantable
                               for use with selector.set_query
            set_freqframe   - set the frame info for the Spectral Axis
                              (e.g. 'LSRK')
            set_doppler     - set the doppler to be used from this point on
            set_dirframe    - set the frame for the direction on the sky
            set_instrument  - set the instrument name
            set_feedtype    - set the feed type
            get_fluxunit    - get the brightness flux unit
            set_fluxunit    - set the brightness flux unit
            set_sourcetype  - set the type of the source - source or reference
            create_mask     - return an mask in the current unit
                              for the given region. The specified regions
                              are NOT masked
            get_restfreqs   - get the current list of rest frequencies
            set_restfreqs   - set a list of rest frequencies
            shift_refpix    - shift the reference pixel of the IFs
            set_spectrum    - overwrite the spectrum for a given row
            get_spectrum    - retrieve the spectrum for a given
            get_mask        - retrieve the mask for a given
            flag            - flag selected channels in the data
            lag_flag        - flag specified frequency in the data
            save            - save the scantable to disk as either 'ASAP',
                              'SDFITS' or 'ASCII'
            nbeam,nif,nchan,npol - the number of beams/IFs/Pols/Chans
            nscan           - the number of scans in the scantable
            nrow            - the number of spectra in the scantable
            history         - print the history of the scantable
            get_fit         - get a fit which has been stored witnh the data
            average_time    - return the (weighted) time average of a scan
                              or a list of scans
            average_pol     - average the polarisations together.
            average_beam    - average the beams together.
            convert_pol     - convert to a different polarisation type
            auto_quotient   - return the on/off quotient with
                              automatic detection of the on/off scans (closest
                              in time off is selected)
            mx_quotient     - Form a quotient using MX data (off beams)
            scale, *, /     - return a scan scaled by a given factor
            add, +          - return a scan with given value added
            sub, -          - return a scan with given value subtracted
            bin             - return a scan with binned channels
            resample        - return a scan with resampled channels
            smooth          - return the spectrally smoothed scan
            poly_baseline   - fit a polynomial baseline to all Beams/IFs/Pols
            auto_poly_baseline - automatically fit a polynomial baseline
            recalc_azel     - recalculate azimuth and elevation based on
                              the pointing
            gain_el         - apply gain-elevation correction
            opacity         - apply opacity correction
            convert_flux    - convert to and from Jy and Kelvin brightness
            freq_align      - align spectra in frequency frame
            invert_phase    - Invert the phase of the cross-correlation
            swap_linears    - Swap XX and YY (or RR LL)
            rotate_xyphase  - rotate XY phase of cross correlation
            rotate_linpolphase - rotate the phase of the complex
                                 polarization O=Q+iU correlation
            freq_switch     - perform frequency switching on the data
            stats           - Determine the specified statistic, e.g. 'min'
                              'max', 'rms' etc.
            stddev          - Determine the standard deviation of the current
            get_row_selector - get the selection object for a specified row
         selector              - a selection object to set a subset of a scantable
            set_scans          - set (a list of) scans by index
            set_cycles         - set (a list of) cycles by index
            set_beams          - set (a list of) beamss by index
            set_ifs            - set (a list of) ifs by index
            set_polarisations  - set (a list of) polarisations by name
                                 or by index
            set_names          - set a selection by name (wildcards allowed)
            set_tsys           - set a selection by tsys thresholds
            set_query          - set a selection by SQL-like query, e.g. BEAMNO==1
            ( also  get_ functions for all these )
            reset              - unset all selections
            +                  - merge two selections

     [Math] Mainly functions which operate on more than one scantable

            average_time    - return the (weighted) time average
                              of a list of scans
            quotient        - return the on/off quotient
            simple_math     - simple mathematical operations on two scantables,
                              'add', 'sub', 'mul', 'div'
            quotient        - build quotient of the given on and off scans
                              (matched pairs and 1 off - n on are valid)
            merge           - merge a list of scantables

     [Line Catalog]
        linecatalog              - a linecatalog wrapper, taking an ASCII or
                                   internal format table
            summary              - print a summary of the current selection
            set_name             - select a subset by name pattern, e.g. '*OH*'
            set_strength_limits  - select a subset by line strength limits
            set_frequency_limits - select a subset by frequency limits
            reset                - unset all selections
            save                 - save the current subset to a table (internal
            get_row              - get the name and frequency from a specific
                                   row in the table
            auto_fit        - return a scan where the function is
                              applied to all Beams/IFs/Pols.
            commit          - return a new scan where the fits have been
            fit             - execute the actual fitting process
            store_fit       - store the fit parameters in the data (scantable)
            get_chi2        - get the Chi^2
            set_scan        - set the scantable to be fit
            set_function    - set the fitting function
            set_parameters  - set the parameters for the function(s), and
                              set if they should be held fixed during fitting
            set_gauss_parameters - same as above but specialised for individual
                                   gaussian components
            get_parameters  - get the fitted parameters
            plot            - plot the resulting fit and/or components and
        asapplotter         - a plotter for asap, default plotter is
                              called 'plotter'
            plot            - plot a scantable
            plot_lines      - plot a linecatalog overlay
            plotazel        - plot azimuth and elevation versus time
            plotpointing    - plot telescope pointings
            save            - save the plot to a file ('png' ,'ps' or 'eps')
            set_mode        - set the state of the plotter, i.e.
                              what is to be plotted 'colour stacked'
                              and what 'panelled'
            set_selection   - only plot a selected part of the data
            set_range       - set a 'zoom' window [xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax]
            set_legend      - specify user labels for the legend indeces
            set_title       - specify user labels for the panel indeces
            set_abcissa     - specify a user label for the abcissa
            set_ordinate    - specify a user label for the ordinate
            set_layout      - specify the multi-panel layout (rows,cols)
            set_colors      - specify a set of colours to use
            set_linestyles  - specify a set of linestyles to use if only
                              using one color
            set_font        - set general font properties, e.g. 'family'
            set_histogram   - plot in historam style
            set_mask        - set a plotting mask for a specific polarization
            text            - draw text annotations either in data or relative
            arrow           - draw arrow annotations either in data or relative
            axhline,axvline - draw horizontal/vertical lines
            axhspan,axvspan - draw horizontal/vertical regions
            annotate        - draw an arrow with label
            create_mask     - create a scnatble mask interactively

        xyplotter           - matplotlib/pylab plotting functions

        commands            - this command
        print               - print details about a variable
        list_scans          - list all scantables created by the user
        list_files          - list all files readable by asap (default rpf)
        del                 - delete the given variable from memory
        range               - create a list of values, e.g.
                              range(3) = [0,1,2], range(2,5) = [2,3,4]
        help                - print help for one of the listed functions
        execfile            - execute an asap script, e.g. execfile('myscript')
        list_rcparameters   - print out a list of possible values to be
                              put into $HOME/.asaprc
        rc                  - set rc parameters from within asap
        mask_not            - boolean operations on masks created with
        skydip              - gain opacity values from a sky dip observation
        opacity_model       - compute opacities fro given frequencies based on
                              atmospheric model

        How to use this with help:
                                         # function 'summary'
        [xxx] is just a category
        Every 'sub-level' in this list should be replaces by a '.' Period when
        using help
            ASAP> help scantable # to get info on ths scantable
            ASAP> help scantable.summary # to get help on the scantable's
            ASAP> help average_time

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