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Pulsar VO Project Tracker

The Pulsar Virtual Observatory (VO) project is an endeavour to make publicly available the data from two large pulsar surveys done with the Parkes radio telescope: the 70-cm Southern Pulsar Survey, and the Parkes Multibeam Pulsar Survey.


There are two aspects to this project, which are detailed on the following wiki pages:

  • ConversionSoftware -- software to convert data into FITS format, along with other software to examine the resulting files.
  • WebQuery -- putting the data online and making it accessible through browser-based queries and VO services.

This project was being tracked as ATNF project ‚Äč096, with cost code KV20a. The project was closed in 2008.


The page DetailedWorkNeeded has detailed discussion on the remaining jobs to be done. See also Active Tickets.

There is also a document that details various aspects of the implementation of the archive and the VO queries: see source:trunk/docs/VOimplementation.pdf


  • Matthew Whiting

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